Nahual Spirit Festival 2023

1 – 5 February 2023

Psychedelic music and Tropical Arts Festival.

The path of awakening to silent knowledge.

News for 2023

  • First time in Costa Rica:

Public Transport from San josé

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Nahual Spirit Festival III 2023

We have prepared 5 camping days, from February 1, 2023 – February 5, 2023, where we will enjoy good music, a high quality sound system, excellent lineup of artists, a fire space (show area), bathrooms, showers, food sales, drinks, crafts, yoga, workshops, tours, art gallery, ceremonies and more.

Get prepared!
As you know, Nahual Spirit more than a festival is an ode to nature and live itself, however don’t forget you will be in a real natural scenario in the middle of the rain forest, so be ready! Bellow some important items to bring and recommendations:

  • bring shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, same about clothing. This is not a fashion contest at all and things will get soiled.
  • Bring a safe camping tent where your belongings remain dry.
  • Bring a plastic bag to storage your sensitive devices.
  • Bring mosquito repellent hopefully the natural non deet kind.
  • Bring your own glass, plate and bowl as well as fork for the meals. We will sell food but we don’t pollute with disposable items.
  • The earlier you arrive the better spots for camping.
  • Parking lot available outside the fest ground for ₡5000 or $10 for the whole time of your stay.
  • Be discrete with your personal rituals, this is a very conservative community.
  • Drugs are ilegal in Costa Rica, keep that in mind specially in public places.
  • No kind of weapons would be allow.
  • Consumption of alcohol and own meals allowed only at camping site. Food, juice, beer and spirits available for purchase at stages.
  • No drama or fights allowed. Immediate removal from site if happened.
  • Keep your passport safe.
  • Bring cash, not credit cards taken since connection to the internet and service are not available.
  • Drinkable water available for refilling your bottles.
  • Do not walk alone on trails.
  • Do not walk off the trail.
  • Do not touch vegetation nor wildlife, lots of poisonous plants and venomous snakes present as well as bullet ants and wasps.
  • Do not get drunk or too crazy in your own, be always with a friend.
  • If needing help ask for it to a staff member, they will be identified.
  • Be respectful of the vegetation, do not extract, touch or break any plant, this is big part of our environmental restoration program so keep it in mind. Rule breakers will be removed.
  • Use the eco toilets for your physiological necessities.