Nahual Spirit, Psychedelic music & Artistic Expressions Festival

2021/01/20 12:00:00

Nahual Spirit, Psychedelic music & Artistic Expressions Festival


The main idea is to create a festival where people from all over the world can gather and be in communion, dancing as they can feel the good energy and vibe of the rain forest of Costa Rica.

The community is very important for us to take into consideration, for instance; we use a diversity of services and goods from them so we can create economic links between it and the concept of a Psy Trance festival.


Our Pillars


We educate our guests along with the local community so they can have a deeper understanding of the environment and their role on our planet.

Conservation and regeneration:

We try to conserve the native forest as well as putting ourselves to work to help the ecosystem regenerate in the property and surrounding farms.

The community:

The local people and their well-being it’s so important to us. Nahual Spirit aims to be part of an awakening to a better way to live by producing organic, respecting other people and cultures, educating the kids through hands-on activities, workshops and games.

Psy Trancers:

We strongly believe the psytrance community has so much to teach people with different lifestyles but also so much to learn from each other. Love and respect are the most important to co-exist, we make love, not war.


The Location

Santa Cecilia de La Cruz is a little agricultural community in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica. Still very conservative and traditional, however people are open to new activities, especially if economic links can be developed.

The place is surrounded by rain forest and next to the Guanacaste conservation area which is an icon for conservation in Costa Rica. Beaches are within a 40 minutes distance from the location and the Nicaraguan border is really close as well.

We couldn’t ask for a better location with so much nature, rivers, protected areas, nice humble people and good vibes as Santa Cecilia.

Nahual Spirit aims to become a strong business for several families of the area in the future.


Getting there

From San José

Airport to stations:

Walk out of the airport and get any bus to San José downtown, that cost about $1, get off in Torre Mercedez stop and walk 400 meters north to Pulmitan  Liberia Station or get a cab to Caribeños Station to get the Deldu bus to La cruz.

Pulmitan de Liberia station:

400 meters north from Torre Mercedez building. They have two buses directly to Santa Cecilia every day at 6:50 am, 12:30 at noon and 2:30 pm. The bus goes back at 4:00 am, 7:00 am and 2:00 pm.

This is the easiest from San José straight to Santa Cecilia where you can get the 10 minutes shuttle to Nahual every two hours.

You can also get the bus in the same station to Liberia (every hour from 6 am through 8 pm) and from the station on liberia walk one block towards the front side of it to get to the other public station, there are buses every hour to La cruz until 7 pm starting at 5 am, once in La Cruz get the bus to Santa Cecilia.

Deldu station:

Located in the Caribeños Station (easy to find in google maps and all cab drivers know where it is), here you can find buses starting at 3:15 am to La Cruz, they don’t have many but is easier since you don’t have to change bus in Liberia and only have to get on the bus from La Cruz to Santa Cecilia to get the Nahual Shuttle.

From Liberia airport:

Walk out of the airport and then walk left to the beginning of the building where every half an hour there is a bus that takes you to the Liberia bus station, once there take the bus to La Cruz, from there take the bus to Santa Cecilia and once there the shuttle to Nahual at the place where everybody gets off that bus.

Other Locations in Costa Rica:

There are buses to liberia from: Tamarindo, Nicoya, Puntarenas. There are connections from everywhere to get to Liberia. From there to La Cruz and from there to Santa Cecilia to get the shuttle to Nahual.

From other countries in Central America:

Tica bus: Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, MĂ©xico.

Central Line: Nicaragua and Honduras.

Trans Nica: Nicaragua

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Camping is free with your Nahual Spirit wristband, make sure you bring your own tent.

The available areas are mostly in the shade but we recommend to get there early for a guaranteed shade area.

No fires are allowed in camp-site.

No glass containers allowed.

No weapons allowed.

Pets allowed but you have to clean their poop.

Kids allowed but strictly in company of an adult at all times.


Already in the country

Costa Rica is one of the smallest counties in the American Continent.

It is characterized by is warm humble people, the absence of an army and especially by its big efforts for the conservation of the environment, 27 percent of the extension is protected by law and in a very small continental surface of only 51.00 square kilometers comprises an amazing almost 5 percent of the whole planet’s biodiversity in 12 different types of forest and many ecosystems within them.

Costa Rica has two international airports, one in the capital San José and the second one in Liberia, in the province of Guanacaste where the Nahual Spirit Festival takes place.

Costa Rica is also famous for its amazing beaches and world-class spots for surfing, kite surfing, and windsurfing. Many outstanding trails for hiking are available all over the country and you will always find some great outdoor activities to do like: mountain biking, canyoning, zip lining,  bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, scuba dive, hanging bridges, etc. We recommend staying for days enough to get to see and enjoy as much as possible.

Lodging in Costa Rica ranges from $30 a night to 5 stars resort, however, if you plan your trip in advance you can always accommodate yourself in backpackers or cheap eco-lodges. You can camp for free in Nahual Spirit.

Diet in Costa Rica consists of rice, beans, vegetables and a type of protein in a regular meal, however, is very easy for vegetarian people and vegan to eat accordingly, fruit is cheap and available everywhere, best places to eat good and cheap are called sodas and they are easy to find near the public bus stations or food markets.

The country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean sea, to the north is Nicaragua and Panama to the south, you can easily move through the whole central American region by bus (Tica bus, trans nica, central line).

Come and enjoy in the amazing country before, during and after Nahual Spirit.

Language: Spanish

Currency: CĂłlones and US dollars

Crime: low

Drugs: Ilegal in Costa Rica, be cautious.

Alcohol: not allowed to drink in public but police or people don’t care about it unless you are wasted and fooling too much.

Food: Healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables available.

Transportation: public buses to every destination in the country.

Religion: mainly catholic but more evangelical in the rural areas.

Weather: quick rains in most of the country (it can rain heavy without warning) sunny most of the times.

Exchange rate: ₡600 to $1