About us

Nahual Spirit Family

The community is very important for us to take into consideration, for instance; we use a diversity of services and goods from them so we can create economic links in between and with the concept of a Psytrance festival.

Our pillars are:

Educaction: We educate our guests along with the local community so they can have a deeper understanding of the environment and their role in our planet.

Conservation and regeneration: We try to conserve the native forest as well as putting ourselves to work to help the ecosystem regenerate in the property and surrounding farms.

The community: The local people and their being is so important to us. Nahual Spirit aims to be part of an awakening to a better way to live by producing organic, respecting other people and cultures, educating the kids through hands-on activities, workshops and games.

Psy Trancers: We strongly believe the psytrance community has so much to teach people with different lifestyles but also so much to learn from each other. Love and respect are the most important to co-exist, we make love, not war.