Nahual Spirit, Psychedelic music & Artistic Expressions Festival


(Volunteering, gallery, workshops, shows. Registration form will be open from September 15, 2020)

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Art gallery: art is a fundamental part of our concept and stimulating it is our mission, the art gallery will be open for everybody to enjoy it. Also there will be artist painting and you can too express yourself through art if you want.


Workshops: we love to have workshops about environment, medicinal plants, psychedelics, music, yoga, healing, etc, and also special workshops for kids


Shows: fire shows by our Nahual crew will be performed every day at Nahual Spirit, also: jugglers, hula hoop, drums, music, painting and more.


Yoga and healing: we will offer a healing area with natural ancestral medicine, acupuncture, and also yoga in the mornings for everybody!